zoogate3(January 3, 2017) - As the Zoo begins its 50th anniversary year in 2017, information about the 2016 attendance shows another record setting year. 2016 recorded 149,425 guests beating last years attendance by 17,815. Last year's attendance record was 131,610 guests compared to 121,403 guests in 2014.

MashakaNov2016(November 9, 2016) - Mashaka, the male African Lion at the Ellen Trout Zoo, continues to recover from a vascular lesion in the spinal column that left him unable to stand. Although walking is difficult and slow, he is now recovered enough to increase his activity and spend time in the outdoor habitat which he enjoys. The additional activity provides strength building and physical therapy.

Mashaka has been under constant veterinary care since the onset of illness in late September. As expected, due to the nature of the illness, recovery is a slow but progressive process as he gains strength and relearns how to use his limbs.

Be assured that although he walks with difficulty, his spirits have remained good and he’s been very receptive to the care he has received. Mashaka remains under the medical supervision of Dr. Mike Nance, Staff Veterinarian. As his convalescence progresses, his needs change and are met by the husbandry team. Mashaka will be outdoors a few days a week and his progress will continue to be closely monitored.

leopards(September 26, 2016) - A young pair of endangered Clouded Leopards have arrived at the Ellen Trout Zoo. Clouded Leopards are a medium sized wild cat native to the dense forests of Southeast Asia. These illusive cats are threatened by habitat loss and by being killed for their beautiful skins. These magnificent ambassadors for their wild counter parts, came to the Ellen Trout Zoo through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP) for Clouded Leopards. They are still very young, but it is hoped that after they settle in and grow some, they will be producing cubs furthering the zoo’s ability to connect our guest with those wonderful animals in the wild and wild places. The Ellen Trout Zoo is open every day from 9am until 5pm, is an Accredited Member of the AZA and is the Wildest Place in Town and YOUR place to Connect with the Natural World!

ashur7weeks(September 3, 2016) - Ashur made his public debut Saturday, September 3rd. Ashur was born totally white on 15 July 2016 and he has been carefully reared by his mother. He is currently being introduced to his father Mashaka under the watchful, protective eye of his mother Adia, so that soon the whole family can be together. Because of this introduction process, Ashur has been slowly darkening from his original “cotton ball” coloration, something we thought would happen with time. However, he is still very pale compared to other lion cubs his age. Ashur is only the second African lion born at the Ellen Trout Zoo in over thirty years, his older brother, Sango, was born 28 July 2012. Ashur’s birth is the result of cooperative breeding program administered by the AZA under the Species Survival Plan program.